Saturday, March 3, 2007

Happy Purim!

  1. *A* and Jerry finally met, and it went well.
  2. Had a blast with *A* at this big art show.
  3. Jerry went with me to the Vagina Monologues, saving me when no one else would go, and he seemed to actually enjoy it too :)
  4. Fixed up my back porch, which was relaxing and looks great.
  5. Lots of activities this weekend and work to do, but in a nice balance.
  6. Its Purim tonight! And, I have a friend to go to services with - Jerry even seemed somewhat interested in going, which wierds me out, but is nice.
  7. I ordered a book on traveling around Berkeley and Oakland, and I'll put off worrying about the trip until then - thanks for the advice of breaking it down into steps Gail.

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