Tuesday, March 27, 2007

  • Jerry made me dinner last night. He had that look of affection in his eyes again when he looked at me.
  • My friends met for writing group last night afterwards, which helped me prepare for upcoming conference.
  • A friend offered for me to share her room with her at the conference.
  • I'm enjoying not having a schedule right now - just doing things as I please and being kinda hidden away at my home.
  • Jerry invited me to his meet his family.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Support and Snuggles

  • Dinner tonight with my friends meeting Jerry
  • Supportive relaxing opportunities today to counter my bought with insomnia
  • Snuggling with Jerry AND my dog on the couch watching documentary about Petra. How I want to go to Petra

Monday, March 19, 2007

Clean House, Clean Schedule

  1. home is clean!
  2. PP is coming to visit!
  3. Jerry gave me his tv, so I gave mine to a classmate, so she gave me a gift certificate for a manicure.
  4. great time with friends yesterday - and I'm starting to feel accepted with them
  5. enormous flexibility in my schedule right now
  6. we're looking at scheduling a defense for my master's thesis = me getting the degree finally

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Little Budda

  • Jerry made me filet mignon for dinner last night
  • Friend came over to watch Gilmore Girls and we just chilled
  • I'm finally getting a hair cut today
  • I ordered something from a catalog and they sent the wrong color, so now I get the wrong color ones for free and the color that I did order also - which arrived yesterday
  • I found this great little Budda statue at an antique store which looks amazing in my garden

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend Rest

  • Yo Yo Ma concert - Silk Roads
  • Jerry finally spending the night after what feels like a month
  • PP is coming to visit soon!
  • big brunch out on Sunday
  • found a way to get my dog to stop barking while I'm having sex - - give her a rawhide treat

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Support, Weather, and Sushi

  • Alzheimer's Association support group - there's one woman who shows up who is much older but has a similar situation to mine; however we've all noted that I've got a much better handle on the situation - it was nice to have that perspective.
  • Had nice sushi dinner with Jerry last night
  • Beautiful weather
  • Had acupunture yesterday which really helped with my digestive track

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Happy Purim!

  1. *A* and Jerry finally met, and it went well.
  2. Had a blast with *A* at this big art show.
  3. Jerry went with me to the Vagina Monologues, saving me when no one else would go, and he seemed to actually enjoy it too :)
  4. Fixed up my back porch, which was relaxing and looks great.
  5. Lots of activities this weekend and work to do, but in a nice balance.
  6. Its Purim tonight! And, I have a friend to go to services with - Jerry even seemed somewhat interested in going, which wierds me out, but is nice.
  7. I ordered a book on traveling around Berkeley and Oakland, and I'll put off worrying about the trip until then - thanks for the advice of breaking it down into steps Gail.